Translation of your way of life

Since I love traveling and speaking languages, I always try to discover more and more of the world!



In fact, among the several places I have been for holidays, I had and I am having experience to live abroad. In 2005, for example, I moved from Italy to Spain where I lived 7 years and from Spain to Norway, where I am based since 2013.

What the expression “TRANSLATION OF YOUR WAY OF LIFE” means?

I think that each time we move to another country, we have to try to translate, in a way, our way of life and here I mean: translate to the target language our “native language” thoughts; our moves and our expressions; our lifestyle; the food, even if, in this case it is not translation but ADAPTATION!

But why do we have to translate our “way of life”?

Because of the different culture.

In my case, I am Italian and I live in Norway, both countries have: different cultures, languages, systems, culinary arts and so on; so I had to try to translate everything to let the others understand and know me! I have to try to translate my jokes to their culture, to give you an example, even if they don´t have the same funny message and of course my sense of humor will never be the same in a different place. But after 7 years in Spain I noticed that I had to translate a little part of my way of life, because in a certain way Italy and Spain are similar and after 5 years here in Norway, I had to translate a bigger part of it, because of the enormous difference between Italy and Norway. Isn´t it interesting? Diversity is attractive and beautiful.

Do you think does the translation of your way of life worth?

Definitely yes, because you can enrich your intelligence, your knowledge and of course your soul!

You live, in a certain way, your life in a foreign version! Don´t you think?



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