Have you ever gotten confused using a word which has so many different meanings depending on the context, especially if you didn’t know which meaning was applied to each context? Well, I have… I’m talking about the Homonyms: words which have the same spelling and pronunciation, but have different meanings.

Let’s talk about a Spanish homonym that paid my attention: MONO

According to the Spanish Dictionary RAE (Real Academia Española) mono means: Continue reading “Homonyms…”

Parola, palabra, word, palavra, ord

The word is the instrument of speech or writing we use to express our thoughts or feelings. It can also be a password, a command or a signal. It is always something that comes out!

In each language there are billions and billions of words but it is impossible to learn them all!

There are words, which, being the same, are used in different contexts having a different meaning and words that are “false friends”.

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