Hi my dear readers,

after some nice and relaxing holidays I am back! How are you all? I can say I’m fine, back to study and work…I would like to have some holidays after holidays, hehehe!!!

Now, let’s focus on the topic I would like to talk to you about today: how many mistakes we constantly read on the Italian menu in Italian restaurants around the world? Sooo many…I think that the presentation of a menu and a culinary culture are the most important thing when you sit at a table of a restaurant of your country.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read mistakes is: who wrote this, is not Italian. But it is not always like that, unfortunately! Also, the same Italians make mistakes writing in their language.

But which are the mistakes made by those who own an Italian restaurant?

-Orthographic mistakes and grammatical mistakes.

How many times we read: “Spagheti, Spagetti, Veggetariana, Capriciosa, Coze”, etc… (It should be: Spaghetti, Vegetariana, Capricciosa, Cozze, etc.).

Or how many times we read: “Buoni sapori ce puoi assagiare sul nostro tavola”… (It should be: Buoni sapori che puoi assaggiare sulla nostra tavola!) Or “I nostri clienti sono benvenuto”, NO!!! It is Benvenuti, plural form as the substantive.

I don’t know you but I go crazy every time I have such experience, which unfortunately happens very often!!!

But let’s hope that now that we have Google in our pocket, they can control before writing such horrors…hehehe!

If you have been following my blog since the beginning you already know how curious and picky I become when “language” is involved!!! You can’t just make mistakes when dealing with it, especially if those mistakes appear for example in a menu where hundreds of people can see them!

Anyway, let’s try to be  positive and hope that we will have less and less experiences like these!

Have a nice day and a nice end of summer!!!

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