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Well I decided to write this article about the big difference between cultures because I find it fascinating.  I’m referring to those details that, according to our culture, we take for granted and others take seriously or personally.

Factor 1: I found out today that, according to the Chinese culture, writing an email means you must discuss a serious matter or warn someone about something. It is totally different in our case where we practically use on a daily basis to remind, to communicate, or simply to discuss about our everyday life.

Factor 2: I noticed that here in Norway, after a day at work or a reunion with your friends, or after going out somewhere, Norwegians have the habit to say: ” Takk for i dag!”, which means “Thank you for today”. For example, we Italians don’t say it maybe because we tend to take for granted the time spent with other people…I don’t know! Norwegians instead don’t take nothing for granted, but they are grateful and it is something I started to  say myself because we have to learn to give importance to such details. The same thing happens after meals, they say “Takk for maten!”, it means ” Thank you for the food!”. I have never heard about it in my country! And I find it very interesting to the point where even if it is not my habit I’m learning to say it.

Factor 3: In Spain and Latin America I noticed that everybody calls everybody “Amor/tesoro/mi vida, etc.” (it means “love/honey/my life, etc.”) and many other lovely nicknames even if the just met! Practically from day one! A totally different story in Italy where we use such nicknames when we get acquainted with someone. Let me remind you that I left Italy 14 years ago and for sure something changed. Maybe they are more passionate than us.

Factor 4: we Italians hug a lot, but they do not have this habit here in Norway. I remember when I went to Italy, a few years ago with a Norwegian friend, we went to a wedding and I couldn’t stop greeting and hugging people because it was a long time I didn’t see or have the opportunity to be with them.  So, when we took the flight back to Norway, this friend told me: “I had such a great time, but I have never seen so many hugs in a day!”. Something that for us is normal, it is not for them, same on the contrary.

Do you know more cultural differences between other countries?

The world is nice because of its variety!


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