Did you know that?

Hello everyone and welcome sunny days!

Finally we have some summer days here in Norway and having them here is big news!!!

My post today is about two articles I have been reading and I have been considering very interesting lately, here they are:

Do you know why people throw rice to the newlyweds?

According to this article I read on Internet, in ancient times cereals were considered a symbol of prosperity, if we think about it, bread has always been a food present in our daily basis, so the bride used to put some spikes in her hairstyle and the groom put a wheat pie on his head for the ceremony for serving it after the function to the guests. After the ceremony the guests were throwing almonds and nuts to the newlyweds as a wish to have children. Over the time the dried fruit has been substituted by rice used always to wish prosperity and abundance. Recently petals of roses, soap bobbles or feathers are thrown in addition to the bride and the groom, just because the rise can get in their eyes or get the dresses dirty sometimes. Curious eh?

Another fact that caught my attention is WHY pizza boxes have a square shape. Here is why: do you remember that when we were younger we had to recognize geometric shapes and put them in the right place through our educational toys? It is probably for the mental associations that we have learned to do since our first months of life, that the question Why are pizza boxes square? comes up. Pizza makers make round pizza and not always it is a perfect round shape like the O of Giotto, so if they put the pizza in the square box, it is easier to have an over sized pizza, for example, sometimes. Also to make a square box is cheaper than the round one, because to make the square one they just need one sheet of cardboard, while to make the round one, they need two plus time to cut perfectly the angles, etc. Also it is important to know that the side holes are necessary to let the steam come out, so the pizza won’t continue to boil and get burned. Interesting eh?

It is interesting to know new things especially about the ones we take for granted, right?

I hope you like my post and that you will have a wonderful summer, even if it is under a strange period. Follow my posts and please let me know about your opinions.


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