I miss being a tourist…

What a period guys! First of all I hope that all of you are safe and good!

The topic of this article is based on one of my passions: travelling.

I truly and deeply love to travel!!! Believe me! I had the possibility to visit a lot of different countries and I would love to visit a lot more: the world is so big and each place has so much wonderful things to see… but who can actually see it all?

But what kind of tourism do I do? And other people? What tourism is good for?

I was reading an article about tourism in which were listed three different types of tourism: the artistic one (museums, buildings, art galleries, religious temples, skyscrapers, monuments, etc.); the “attending events” one (conferences, meetings, festivals, concerts, etc.) and the “nightlife” one (parties, parties, parties…hehehe) to these I would like to add the “find own self” tourism or journey (even if I think that we don’t have to find what is outside us to fill our soul, because it is already inside -little bit of philosophy :)-; you can feel the same way wherever you go unless you don’t work with your inner self! So, in this case you don’t need to travel around.).

Personally I do a mix of the first three at the same time, and I think that being a tourist is like being a student in a class: you learn and you see the daily life of that place; you taste wonderful food; you experience different things that maybe you don’t have in your own country, like listening to different music or seeing different shows; you learn about new cultures and their traditions; etc. Travelling enriches your soul and it makes you feel free to feel, to think, to see, to do and even to buy. What a discover? hahaha… I know that the most of us share my same line of thought about travelling… but I am writing about this because right now I miss so much buying a flying ticket, dreaming about my next adventure and when I can finally get the chance to do that, believe me, I will experience it 100%. After all this stressful period, after all this fearful state of mind for us and our families, we all deserve to go back to wherever we belong, or wherever we are at the moment and just simply hug one another so tight till we find it hard to breathe!!! How good would that actually feel? Amazing!

It is true when they say that we appreciate or miss something a lot more once we no longer have it, instead of taking it for granted. In this situation, caused by Covid-19, we are basically forced to change all of our habits and lifestyle: something like a hug, or a simple handshake maybe had no importance to us before, because taken for granted… but now??? Now that we can no longer do that, how does it feel? Bad right?

But for who loves tourism, here I say that tourism is good for everyone, not for consumerism, that is interesting for the society, but for enriching our knowledge, our mind and our soul. You can know people and compare your story to theirs, you can learn tricks to improve your lifestyle or your diet, you can visit things you have never seen before, and so on. I think there is an infinity of things we can take advantage of when we travel. And the most important thing is to appreciate our own country or home after visiting some place, maybe we didn’t like?

So guys, I really hope that this lock down will end soon and we could get our routine back, to travel again and discover more of this wonderful world! I know that it will take a while but never lose your hope!

What is your opinion about that?





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