The amazing benefits of reading

Good morning my fellow bloggers,

I know it has been a long time since I last wrote something, but I have been busy and, let’s just say…life happened! However, although busy, I was able to dedicate some of my spare time to reading. Some of the stuff I read was so inspiring that it got me thinking, so I have decided to dedicate one full post to the reading experience. Not sure what your opinion is on this, but books can definitely enrich both mind and soul.

In fact, recently, I got so hooked on reading that I’m in the process of finish reading four books this month: one in Spanish, two in Italian and, only today I finished one in English. To me, reading is a free ticket to new, wonderful worlds where your imagination can ride wildly whilst giving you the opportunity to be creative. You are free to use your imagination when flipping through the pages and it helps you reflect. I have read on the “Healthline” website (https://www.healthline.com/health/benefits-of-reading-books) that reading, apart from the fact that it makes you naturally more knowledgeable, can be used as a form of relaxation. Sometimes, I also think of it as a sort of meditation technique, don’t you agree?  Reading is culture – it stimulates your sense of curiosity and can elevate your speaking.

And if you are planning to learn or improve a foreign language (like I am), reading in a foreign language can certainly help expand your vocabulary whilst improving your grammar.

One of the books I’m currently reading is called “Pariremos con placer” by Casilda Rodrigañez and it is about the physiology of the uterus and its key role in female sexuality; Sorry, the book is in Spanish and as there isn’t a translated version of it, I can alternatively recommend you “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May Gaskin which has got a similar content.

Not sure about you, but I’m really into spirituality and if you are into this topic as well another book I recommend is “La vita che sei” by Barbara Pozzo. It highlights the importance of living with joy and our connection with the Universe and our soul. Same here, no English translation, but I can recommend you a book with the same or similar content: “Good vibes, good life” by Vex King. The third book is the Italian version of “Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza (same title in English) and talks about being “supernatural” through our conscious thoughts and actions.

Finally, ” Big magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert is about living life with positivity and finding the magic in it, this is achievable by letting our conscience look for the magic in the small things in our everyday life. This last book gives emphasis on creativity and explains how we can use it in every single moment. Very Inspiring!  As I am a kind of spiritual person, connected to my soul and the Universe, I highly recommend them because they take you away from the reality.

Thus, my fellow bloggers let’s set time aside to read. I personally think children should be more encouraged to do so. Parents should be stricter about it instead of allowing their kids to waste all their time on phones and video games. Technology should not be used or “abused” at such an early stage in children’s life because it damages their brains and makes them more passive.

What are you currently reading? Anything interesting? Feel free to share with me your favorite books and any highlights of your reading experience. Sharing is caring 🙂

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