If I was…

Hello dear readers! Christmas is around the corner… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Let’s be honest… Christmas is all about receiving gifts and giving them in return, celebrating love with friends and family: at least nowadays we have that type of mindset. And since you all know my love for books, why not buying one for your family and friends?

But why books?

Well, because I think a book opens a new world to the reader, it lets the imagination travel and create images that are described through the pages. It enriches our souls and mind and, also, a book helps the reader to refresh the vocabulary and the grammar rules, the most important reason for me to read it!

Why do I talk about books? Well because the other day I was watching some videos on Youtube and one of them caught my attention: it is the video of the Italian song of Lorenzo Baglioni called Congiuntivo (Subjunctive) who participated at the Sanremo Festival, which is a very important Italian music festival. This song talks about the use of the subjunctive in the Italian language and many of us, unfortunately, don’t use it in the hypothetical sentences yet, where  it is an obligation to do so!

To let you understand:

Se fossi ricca, viaggerei sempre (If was rich, I would always travel)

In the subordinate sentence which is the first one here, we have to use the subjunctive, while in the principal one, the second part, we have to use the conditional. So many of Italian still use the conditional for both and it is absolutely WRONG!

Se sarei ricca, viaggerei sempre (If I would be rich, I would always travel)

First of all because it is a big mistake and second of all it simply sounds terrible. So this song is helpful to remind all the Italians to give the subjunctive the correct use! Music is a nice trick to remember that and of course I added the trick to read because unconsciously our mind memorizes automatically the constructions of the periods. If you notice, after reading for a while, we automatically speak a better Italian! So guys buy as many books as you can, this advice goes for me too hehehe. It is very important to speak a language in a correct way because it is nice to listen to it and more important to be understood!

Good luck! Ah and Merry Christmas all!!! Happy 2020!!!

Here you can watch the video:



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