Same words said in a whole different way

I picked TEN words with the same meaning but completely different writing in Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Norwegian.

In these cases it is curious to discover, as we are in contact with languages that belong to the same linguistic families (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are neo-Latin, Norwegian and English are Germanic), that there is no evolution or similarities between them.

Let´s check it out:

  • Fragola, fresa, strawberry, morango, jordbær
  • Fazzoletto, pañuelo, handkerchief, lenço, lommetørkle
  • Sedia, silla, chair, cadeira, stol
  • Maiale, cerdo, pig, porco, gris
  • Bello, guapo, beautiful, bonito, pen
  • Marciapiede, acera, sidewalk, calçada, fortauet
  • Cuscino, cojín, pillow, almofada, pute
  • Fiammifero, cerilla, match, fosforo, fyrstikk
  • Panno, trapo, rag, farrapo, klut
  • Frastuono, ruido, racket, barulho, lyd

It is amazing to train, improve and maintain a level of knowledge in each language in order to remember every word for every context. In fact, lately I decided to read a book in each language everyday:

Monday- Italian

Tuesday- Spanish

Wednesday- English

Thursday- Portuguese

Friday- Norwegian

Will I be able to learn more?

What do you do to train, improve and maintain a level of knowledge in the languages you know and speak?






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