What is typical?

Here I am today to write a short list of typical cultural factors of the countries whose languages I speak:

I am a curious person and I always try to discover and learn new things; I can tell you that lately I have taken the B2 level Norwegian exam and one of the most popular questions is “What is typical in Norway?“, so then I asked myself: “And what about Italy, Spain, Latin America, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Portugal and Brazil?“. So I have been asking all my friends who belong to these cultures and I found out that (I chose the most important 5 typical things):

Italy- my country is known for Pasta, Pizza, Wine, History and a funny one, we emphasize everything we say using our hands…we move them like crazy while talking…..ah ah ah.

Spain- since I have been living there for seven years I think that this wonderful country is known for Jamón Serrano (Serrano ham), Flamenco, Paella, Siesta (power nap) and History.

Latin America (where they speak Spanish)- I have been just in Cuba but I have friends from Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Perú, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. and I can say that in general they are popular for: wonderful Beaches, Sun, Salsa, History and Mulatos (people born from one caucasian parent and one black).

United Kingdom- I have been just in London but I met few people from United Kingdom; I also follow the news sometimes and it comes to my mind that it is popular for: Tea, Queen, Castles, Rain and two floor buses.

USA- I had the honor to stay in both Florida and North Carolina and since I have always been a super fan of the American language and of the Oscars I can say that we know USA for: Hollywood, Hamburger, Donut, Grand Canyon and Jazz-Black music.

Canada- one of my dreams is to visit this wonderful country, but I found out that Canada is known for: Ice Hockey, long Winter, Maple Syrup, Lumberjacks and Bears.

Australia- I absolutely have to visit this one.. even if it’s a very long journey. It might sound strange but I have contacts even there…ah ah ah… two friends invited me (one Italian met in Seville and one Australian met just once in my whole life, which thanks to the social medias I can still keep in touch with, in Calabria- South of Italy). For Australia I would say: Kangaroo, Koala, Nature, Indigenous people and it is one of the first countries who celebrates the New Year´s Eve.

Portugal- I love this elegant country; I have been in Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Tavira and Madeira. I just can write that this beautiful country is known for: Fado, Nature, Wine, Cachaça and Pasteis de Belem (sweets of Belem) which I love!

Brazil- I fell in love of Brazil, I traveled there last year and I spent one month between São Paulo, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza and I can say that this country is known for: Beaches, Samba, Caipirinha, Bossanova and Brazilian Bikini.

Norway- I live here since 2013 and I can say that this amazing country is known for: long Winter, Trolls, Nature, Pølse (hot dog) and Long Walks in the forest.

NB: I didn´t mention other parts of the world where all those languages are spoken because I don´t have that much information. 

Isn´t that fun?

Do you know other cultural factors of these countries?




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