Let´s play with some music!

Another passion I have is MUSIC and I have been searching for songs which contain different languages. The first song that came to my mind was

Baila (Sexy thing)” by Zucchero

He is an Italian international singer and not just one of the most popular in Italy, but also in Spain and Latin America as in the rest of the world. He likes to mix languages in his songs: I think it can be considered his own way of being international. (He has been singing here in Norway too and I even had the honor to have dinner with him after the concert, what an unforgettable experience!).

In this song he uses three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

In the verse he sings: “La luna é un sole guarda come brilla/Baby the night is on fire/Siamo fiamme nel cielo/lampi in mezzo al buio what you say”

The refrain says: “Baila, baila morena!/Sotto questa luna piena/ Under the moonlight, under the moonlight”, and so on.

Another song which mixes languages is

Boa sorte (Good luck)” by Vanessa da Mata and Ben Harper.

They sing in Portuguese and English:

“Tudo o que quer de mim/Irreais/Expectativas/Desleais/That´s it/There´s no way/It´s over, good luck/I´ve nothing left to say/It´s only words/And what I feel/Won´t change/Tudo o que quer me dar/Everything you want to give me/È demais/It´s too much/È pesado/It´s heavy/Não há paz/There is no peace”

The following song I chose is a Latin American one

Peligro” by Aventura

He sings in Spanish and English:

“Peligro/peligro/Que se libren los hombres de tu camino/ Danger/danger/You must be aware this woman enters in your eyes”

And I found also a Norwegian song mixed with English

Hatere” by Admiral P and Onklp

It says: “De kan si det de vil og/gjøre det det vil og/la haterene hate seg selv for å si det helt mildt nå/gjør det de vil og/si det de vil og/Onklp og Admiral/we don´t give a shhhhit!”

So as you can see the languages have the power even in music, in order to let people get closer and involve them even with a sentence in their language, don´t you think?

Which “international” song do you know?



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