What do they say/do?

When we Italians listen to someone who is explaining something we don’t understand, we say: “They are speaking Arabic!”; Spanish say: “They are speaking Chinese!”; Brazilians, Norwegians and English say: “They are speaking Greek!/This is Greek to me!”. It is curious right? Each of these three languages is complicated grammatically and culturally, they are three different worlds.

If we Italians are at a party or within a group of people and one of the group disappears without saying a word, we say : ” He/She took English leave”. I asked Norwegians and they also say the same, even if actually there is not a proper expression for that. Brazilians say the same too. While Spanish and English say: “He/She took French leave”.

Talking about different expressions and different ways to do things, I noticed one thing Norwegians do after a meal, that if I have to be honest I do not like very much, I am referring to the fact that they openly clean their teeth with a toothpick after eating! Well! I am not saying that they should not use it, but at least use it with discretion! In Italy as in the rest of the countries, or we go to the toilet or if this is not possible we stay at the table with a hand on our mouth to cover and try to hide such an “inevitable” action!

Because it is Bon ton as French say!

But here in Norway it is done with such normality that it took me by surprise! Who follows my blog already knows from my previous articles that I am a very curious person… I always like to question myself on why people act the way they act and say what they say…so in this case… Why do they do that? Do they think it is something cool? Do they want to resemble Marlon Brando in the “Padrino” who keeps it in his mouth even if it is not necessary? Well! Who knows… 

I don’t want to criticize, please don’t judge me, it is just something I noticed here in Norway. Every country has its good or bad habits… for example we Italians scream when we talk! Believe me… we are literally too much! It is as if everyone has to listen to what we are saying? Incredible! Norwegians are the opposite, they are the quiet type, that sometimes it is hard to hear what they are actually saying. I think that this is because they are much more reserved in this matter then we are. The world is beautiful thanks to its diversity. 

So folks, which kind of expressions or actions do you or don’t you like about the other countries?


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