Norwegian style!

5 years in this beautiful country, 5 years living in a completely different culture, trying to integrate myself to this society… Norway or No way?

I read a very interesting book in May which title is The social guidebook to Norway by Julien S. Bourrelle: the funniest thing is that I was told to read it by a Brazilian friend of mine who lives in Germany, but as she has been in Norway for holidays, she bought it and since she knows I live here, she suggested for me to read it. To be honest it was the first time me hearing of such a book, even though I have been living in Norway for so long now, but anyway, I visited her and I read this book in half an hour!


I would like to recommend it especially to the immigrants as me who live here, because it is light thanks to its drawings, sarcastic because it stands out this culture so different from our own and so hard to understand… but at the same time very captivating because at the end I felt grateful to this book for what I read, I understood more about the Norwegian culture!

What this book underlines is the lifestyle Norwegians have in relation to themselves and to the society and for us immigrants it is “traumatic”!

Because for me Norway is a completely different world!

I would like to start saying that we should learn a lot of things from them, like: to be more civilized, less stressed, more respectful with the nature and with people but at the same time I heard from many of them saying: “It is good that you immigrants are here, because you can teach us to love!“, Yes I’ve been told so… Can you believe that???!!!

First of all we are in a cold country because of its weather, we are under the North Pole and for sure they love the snow and skiing, of course you have to love these things, but you also have to try to overcome every negativity with positive thoughts, if you do not. In Norway they don’t have so many hours of sun like we do have: this explains almost everything. Why are they distant, individualist, do they need to drink to socialize, do they have a busy and schematic agenda, are they super independent, etc…?

It is the same for us, but in the opposite way: we can say that we live heated by the sun, we are surrounded by the sounds of crowded beach, we live a very easygoing existence, which helps us to socialize to almost everybody…while the Norwegians absolutely don’t do that! It is nobody’s fault, this difference is only  a geographic and cultural factor. The most difficult thing here is to get a match with this culture as I chose to live here.

I propose you here a few drawings of this book that talk about Dating in Norway, for me it is very different! No way Norway 😉


It usually starts here in a bar



If that works well…




Bourrelle writes: A lot of things become easier with alcohol. Everyone says “hi” and small talk. People stand close to each other. Men give each other hugs and a lot of physical contact. They compensate for the difficult sober state. And the contrast can be surprising at times. 

Even if they look like peculiar, they are very kind and available. That moment that they got your trust, they won’t abandon you, they just need time to study your personality, because they are afraid of the unknown.

They give us a chance, so let’s give them a chance too, right 😉 ?

This is the most difficult challenge of my life: live the Norwegian style!

What do you think?



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