The sounds of LOVE!

Love is an universal language, it is a deep communicative word or act!

Everyone knows the language of love, every detail of it. How many times do we hear or say words of love, watch love movies, listen to romantic songs, read novels?

Everything moves thanks to love, also our job, if we do it with love!

But since I am so curious and everyday I try to learn more and more, I asked some friends, who come from different countries and speak different languages which I don’t speak, to read a part of a love poem for me, just to hear the amazing different sounds of love and of course giving en extra attention to the language they use and how they use it!!!

I asked myself: “How does a Russian, a Polish, a Syrian, a Rumanian speak about love?”

Of course I have no idea about their languages, and this makes things more intriguing… So I asked them the official translation in English, so that both me and you can understand what we read.

But first I would like to start with my language, here I introduce you an Italian poem written by Vera Lamanna who read it for me on a beautiful guitar sound:


As this poem is not known I had to translate it in English :


One more time it has shown up again like a tornado/ that throws all away without omitting anything./ One more time, with the same violence,/ again with the same scream and the same tears./ With the darkness of my soul./ I have no voice anymore, but just its memory. 

Everyone says that Italian is a musical language! I agree. Also I can add that it has a soft sound, even if here it has a suffered interpretation.

Now I will let you hear Lana who read a part of a beautiful Russian poem written by Eduard Asadov :


English translation by Andrey Kneller

I can wait for you

I could give up all for your grace/ All I have now or will ever hold./ I would gladly accept in your place/ the most miserable fates in this world./ Every hour, I’ll gladly attain/ the whole world and to you I’ll submit it,/ only tell me that it’s not in vain,/ That my love is not unrequited! 

What a beautiful voice Lana has and also the sound of her Russian: so strong, deep but sweet at the same time, don’t you think?

I will continue with Sylwia who read a part of a beautiful polish poem by Wislawa Szymborska :


English Translation by Stanisław Barańczak

Nothing twice

Yesterday, perhaps some idle tongue/mentions your name by accident:/ I feel as if a rose were flung/into the room, all hue and scent./ Today, when you’re here with me,/I turn my face to the wall:/ A rose? What could that be?/Is it a flower or a rock?/ Why do we treat the fleeting day/ with so much needless fear and sorrow?/ It’s in its nature not to stay:/ Today is always gone tomorrow./With smiles and kisses, we prefer/to seek accord beneath our star,/ although we’re different (we concur)/ just as two drops of water are.

I think that the sounds of the polish language here are like the angry waves of the sea or a of a rude wind, very deep too, with a beautiful interpretation of the reader.

Then it’s Mohammad’s turn who read a part of a beautiful Syrian poem written by Nizar Qabbani


English Translation by Fisal

The impossible love

I love you so much/I love you so much, and I know that I’m living in an exile/you’re living in an exile too./There are wind, lightning,/clouds,/thunder, snow and fire/between us/and I know that reaching your/eyes is just an illusion,/and getting to your lips is suicide/I’m glad to rip myself off for/you precious.

Amazing static sound, deep and in the same time “in love”. The Arabic language has a beautiful guttural sound, as the rhythm in all the poem.

In the end there is Madalina who read a part of a Rumanian poem by Mihai Eminescu


English Translation by Corneliu M. Popescu

And if

And if the branches tap my pane/ And the poplars whisper nightly,/ It is to make me dream again/ I hold you to me tightly. /And if the stars shine on the pond/ And light its sombre shoal,/ It is to quench my mind’s despond/ And flood with peace my soul.

Here we have rhymes, nasal sound and a tender language, I think. Different sound but from the same latin family as Italian.

I would like to thank these beautiful friends who allowed me to publish their beautiful voices with their beautiful sounds. It is amazing to hear them and even if we don’t understand what they say, we already know it is Love they talk about. And if we read their English translations, maybe we can get closer to their romantic language.

Which languages would you like to hear?







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