We don’t speak Italian!

We can say that the Italian we speak today is quite international, and this because nowadays we have the habit to use so many foreign words in it that it doesn’t sound a national language at all! We have many loan words, given by the contact between different cultures, and also being these words quite short, they help us to earn some time and speak Italian faster; but they even help us look cool! With the term “cool” I mean to be fancy with our linguistic abilities, and the fact that we are globalized means that we also have to show others that we are some way open-minded.

We can use different languages in our own, for example:

1- Ci sentiamo questo weekend? Cosi’ ti mando il link del file che mi hai chiesto.

Translation: Shall we call each other this weekend? So I can send you the link of the file you asked me.

2- Ho bisogno di una babysitter.

Translation: I need a babysitter.

3- Dobbiamo trovare una bella location questo weekend per fare delle foto.

Translation: We have to find a nice location this weekend to take some pictures.

So, let’s say that the 30-50% of the sentence is in English even if we are speaking Italian. The funniest thing is that those words have their proper translation in Italian that we don’t use:

Weekend: fine settimana

Link: collegamento

File: cartella

Babysitter: tata

Location: posto, luogo

See? We have so many chances to elevate our language by actually using it exclusively in our everyday speech and more, but we don’t do that because we became at some point a little too Americanized!

We should follow the example of Spanish people who translate absolutely everything from English to Spanish just because they are nationalists and they support their national language.

Do you agree?

Do you mix different languages too?




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