Which size do you drink?

Hello there dear readers! Today I would like to share with all of you a curiosity that has been bugging me for a while now!!!

Two days ago I went to a Starbucks here in Oslo and when I ordered a Frappuccino, as they call it, and as you all know, when you go to a bar or a cafè, you order things according to sizes. Now there’s nothing wrong about that…  I chose the one that suited me better and end of the story. But what really disappointed me were the names they chose to name these sizes: Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, Trenta.

Ok so, as you can notice we have a mix of languages starting from English and ending in Italian. My question is: wouldn’t it have been better to choose one language from the beginning? Why call it Tall size when it is just a bit bigger than the Short one? And What about Venti and Trenta?

It left me speechless. But since all of you readers know my curious nature, I couldn’t leave this matter without a proper explanation. So I discovered that Venti, which in Italian means twenty, is twenty ounces and Trenta, which means thirty in Italian, is thirty ounces of frappuccino in a big cup.

But even after having all these explanations I still couldn’t accept languages being used in this way. And remember we are talking about an International brand. They could have used some sort of logic in choosing names.

Why not for example using one language:

-short, medium, tall, big and super big (English logic) or

-otto, dodici, sedici, venti, trenta (Italian logic according to the ounces)

-or artistic names but always with some kind of logic.

Do you agree with me? Tell me about it.

Being international doesn’t mean using a language without having no idea whatsoever!



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