Our everyday chats…

Hello! My dear readers,

I would like to start today’s article with a simple question: Is it only me who thinks that our smartphone rules our daily basis? If you think about it carefully we don’t even need to use the computer anymore because the smartphone with its applications and the most famous social medias allows us to do a whole lot of things in the “right here and now”!!! We can simply chat with friends all over the world, in fact while we chat with our friends and family, since we live in a “time” where we want do so many things at a time and we want to do them fast, it happens that we tend to cut the words in order to buy us some time.


So here I would like to share with you some examples, in the five languages I know, to show you how funny it can be, but at the same time how stressful and sad it can be for us technicians of languages to see how the grammar is completely forgotten. But well! Win some, lose some…


So for example the proper word of message is msg, so Can I send u a msg? Should be Can I send you a message?


Let’s start with my language, Italian:


Ciao!Cm stai? T posso kiam dopo? C ved fra 2 gg. Tvttb.


Ciao! Come stai? Ti posso chiamare dopo? Ci vediamo fra due giorni. Ti voglio tanto tanto bene. (Hi! Can I call you later? See you in two days. I love you so so much).


Xo Xké fai cs? / Però perché fai così? (But why do you act like this?)




Wenas!bno ntp!ns vms dsps! / Buenas tardes! Bueno no te preocupes! Nos vemos después! (Good afternoon! Well don’t worry! See you later!)


Tkm, pr q sepas!xoxo/ Te quiero mucho, para que sepas! Besos y abrazos. (I love you so much, just to let you know! Hugs and kisses)




Hi! How r u? TGIF!!!LOL/ Hi! How are you? Thank God it’s Friday!!!Laughing out loud


TYVM 4 ur help! ILU!/ Thank you very much for your help! I love you!




Pdc, acho q vc está certo!/Pode crer, acho que você  está  certo! (You can believe it, I think you are right!)


Te digo a vdd: tenho sdds d vc!!!/ Te digo a verdade: tenho saudades de você!!! (I tell you the truth: I miss you!!!)




Ifht hva du sier, r d ikke mulig å gjøre d pga stedet. /i forhold til hva du sier, er det ikke mulig å gjøre det på grunn av stedet. (According to what you say, it is not possible to do that because of the place)


R de 3 elns? Også hvor r de?/Er de tre eller noe sånt? Også hvor er de? (Are they three or something like that? And also where are they?)


See? With this method we have the ability to create a new vocabulary every day, but I don’t think it is quite understandable for some people. So sometimes I think it is better to value a single moment and take a minute to write a single message and make it a good one.


Isn’t it better to read a “I LOVE YOU”…instead of a “ I LUV U”…?! Think about it!

bulle-dialogue-papier-messages-courts_7547-333 (1)






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2 thoughts on “Our everyday chats…

  1. I saw a TED talk where it was called “fingered talk” becuase we don’t think about punctuation or spelling when we talk, texting is much like that and can’t be described as writing… hehe Thought that was interesting… but YES, I’d much rather get an I love you, than a luv u!


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